Jonathan Willner is a Senior Vice President at SAM. Jon educates investors to help them identify optimal strategies to reach their investment goals. He has directly contributed to the rapid growth of SAM, as well as several multibillion-dollar investment firms.

Prior to joining SAM, Jon was a Quantitative Trade Analyst at Volare Capital Management, an investment firm focused on high frequency trading. He designed, built and implemented successful algorithmic trading strategies in both futures and equities markets.

Previously, Jon was a Research Analyst at Vista Partners. He specialized in sourcing investment opportunities in the small-cap biotech space. Jon began his career with JPMorgan where he held senior positions in their private wealth management division.

Jon holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He speaks fluent Italian, is a restaurateur, triathlete, motorcycle enthusiast and musician. Jon resides in Redwood City, CA with his wife and newborn son.