New York, NY – Stansberry Asset Management (“SAM”), an up-and-coming name in investment management, is excited to announce its partnership with SMArtX, a leading provider of managed accounts technology. A selection of SAM’s proven investment strategies are now available on the SMArtX platform, providing financial advisors and institutional investors with access to SAM’s model portfolios.

The integration with SMArtX’s cloud-based platform marks a significant milestone for SAM, as it opens up new avenues for investors to seamlessly invest in some of SAM’s well-regarded strategies. SMArtX’s innovative technology empowers advisors to create and manage customized portfolios tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

Certain SAM investment strategies have garnered high rankings from Morningstar, a testament to the firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional results. With a proven track record of success, SAM’s strategies cover a diverse range of asset classes, providing investors with a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to wealth management.

The new distribution model on the SMArtX platform offers investors the convenience and flexibility to access some of SAM’s strategies, aligning with the evolving needs of today’s dynamic investment landscape. This strategic collaboration enhances SAM’s distribution network, making it easier for a broader range of investors to benefit from the expertise and performance of SAM’s portfolios.

“We are thrilled to make some of our investment strategies more accessible through the SMArtX platform,” said Mario Valente, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of SAM, “This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing investors with innovative solutions and the flexibility to invest in strategies that have demonstrated consistent success over time.”

SMArtX’s platform is recognized for its user-friendly interface, robust technology infrastructure, and comprehensive suite of tools for advisors. By integrating SAM’s strategies into this platform, both SAM and SMArtX aim to empower financial advisors and institutional investors to deliver even greater value to their clients.

Investors and advisors alike can now leverage the SMArtX platform to explore, implement, and manage SAM’s time-tested investment strategies seamlessly. This collaboration reflects SAM’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and delivering value to its clients in new and innovative ways.

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About SAM

SAM is a registered investment adviser that prides itself on independent thinking. We avoid one-size-fits-all packaged products, creating tailored strategies to help you meet your clients’ investment objectives.

Understanding the value of independent thinking, SAM doesn’t simply follow the herd. We conduct our own research and then formulate our views. This approach to investment management is disciplined, well-informed, and dynamic to take advantage of unique opportunities across all sectors and asset classes. And we have a strong focus on managing risk and preserving capital in times of economic downturns. Our 2022 performance was a true testament to our approach.



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