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SAM offers clients nine primary portfolio strategies:
Total Alpha
Tactical Select
Venture Growth
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SAM All-Weather

The All-Weather strategy seeks to produce superior risk-adjusted returns through the full investment cycle with an emphasis on capital preservation. This strategy is designed to have less volatility than the stock market. We aim to reduce portfolio risk in All-Weather by looking for opportunities across several low-correlation asset classes.

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SAM Total Alpha

The Total Alpha strategy has a balanced approach that seeks to achieve growth, capital preservation, and income generation. This strategy will aim to capture the upside of bull markets, while implementing tight risk management during prolonged market downturns. Total Alpha will typically be broadly diversified across several investment styles.

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SAM Tactical Select

The Tactical Select strategy combines qualitative judgment with quantitative risk management to achieve growth, capital preservation, and income generation. This strategy draws on ideas from across all SAM portfolios. An additional layer of risk management is implemented by using TradeSmith’s™ sophisticated risk-based algorithms to optimize the investment process.

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SAM Income

The Income strategy prioritizes generating reliable income while also providing growth in up markets and protection in the event of a significant market downturn. This strategy typically yields significantly more than the overall stock market. To generate meaningful yield and to diversify risk, the Income strategy looks for investment opportunities beyond the traditional income universe.

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SAM Venture Growth

The Venture Growth strategy is focused on generating long-term capital appreciation. This strategy invests in companies that embrace secular trends in innovation and in many cases are transforming the way the world operates. Venture Growth does not have market capitalization constraints but often targets smaller companies that are earlier in their lifecycle and which we believe have long runways for growth ahead of them.

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SAM Forever

The Forever strategy seeks to own high-quality businesses over long periods. This strategy targets companies with certain attributes including capital efficiency and durable competitive advantages. Because Forever typically has minimal turnover, it may appeal to clients concerned with minimizing annual capital gains taxes.

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SAM Treasury

The Treasury strategy generates current income in a very safe manner. It can be utilized in a number of ways including short-term liquidity, a shield from market volatility, and adding safety beyond FDIC coverage limits. This strategy primarily invests in a ladder of short-term fixed-income Treasury securities. Staggering maturity dates reduces risk and ensures a steady stream of income.

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SAM Cornerstone

The Cornerstone strategy is designed to be an optimal strategy for accounts with a starting balance less than or equal to $100,000. It is meant for long-term investing and is focused on owning high-quality businesses expected to perform well through a full market cycle. Cornerstone may also invest in securities that serve as hedges to protect against a significant market drawdown.

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SAM Gold

The Gold strategy invests in precious metals (primarily gold) and related investments. We believe precious metals are a superior store of value, an ideal safe haven in uncertain times, and an excellent vehicle for long-term wealth preservation. The gold strategy is diversified across asset classes, market capitalizations, and business structures. This strategy has a four-pronged approach, focusing on physical metals, major producers, emerging producers, and royalty companies.

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