Portfolio Construction

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6 Factors of Portfolio Construction

SAM takes an active and disciplined approach to constructing relatively concentrated portfolios. Our core strategies typically feature 30 to 40 positions that represent our best ideas after conducting deep fundamental research. We aim to create portfolios that will be resilient in many different economic and market environments so that you remain on track to meet your financial goals.

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We look to own assets when they trade at a meaningful discount to intrinsic value.


We build portfolios that are resilient to several different economic and market outcomes


We expect our core portfolios to hold about 40 positions in total – diversified but still benefiting from our best ideas


We favor liquid instruments that allow us to react quickly but may invest in less liquid situations when we are handsomely paid for it


Every position in our strategies is the product of deep fundamental research by the SAM investment team


Investment decisions are based on favorable reward-to-risk ratios rather than an obligation to ‘check the box’ for every investment category


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